Elements to guide us on What We do

To better understand what elements guide our activities, reflect back on a school trip in which you either played a role in planning or were a student. Did you meet any of the following outcomes?


Did you or your students enjoy participating in outdoor activities?


Did you or your students gain confidence, self –esteem, take on challenges and achieve success?

Social Awareness:

Did your students develop their self –awareness and social skills, learn to appreciate their own contributions and achievements and those of others?

Environmental Awareness:

Did your students become alive to the natural environment and understand the importance of conservation and sustainable development?

Activity skills:

Did you or your students acquire and develop a range of skills in outdoor activities expeditions and exploration?

Personal Qualities:

Are your students demonstrating increased initiative, self-reliance, responsibility, perseverance and commitment?

Key skills:

Did your students develop and extend their key skills of communication, problem solving, leadership and team work?

Health and fitness:

Did you learn to appreciate the benefits of physical fitness and the lifelong value of participation in healthy leisure activities.

Motivation for learning:

Did your students display an increased motivation and appetite for learning that contributes to raise levels of attainment in other aspects of their education?

Broadened horizons:

Are your students broadening their horizons and becoming open to a wider range of employment opportunities and life chances.

We acknowledge the fact that a one or a two day school trip cannot achieve all the above outcomes. We therefore recommend that you consider our other services for long-term results in outdoor learning and teaching.