Educators Training Camps

At Wildclass adventures we emphasize on creating a ripple effects on outdoor learning experiences. We therefore have a special package for training educators on outdoor creative delivery methods which they can replicate in their work stations. We have a team of dedicated local and international educators who will take-on professional development of teachers, introducing them to a variety of teaching techniques such as collaborative learning, experiential learning, and problem based learning among other teaching methodologies.
Our workshops also engage participants in what we call TLC (Team Work, Leadership, and Communication). During this workshop, we explore the ethos and practice of teaching Team work, Leadership and Communications (TLC) skills to suit children of all ages at your school. The workshop combines theory and practical’s to practice in task and reviewing activities.
We believe participants in the training will benefit immeasurably. We will keep you posted on our quarterly scheduled teacher training workshops or you can request in house training (training at your school) by contacting us.